Conservation and sustainability are at the core of every product we make and action we take. We were the first to develop sustainably conscious plush lines, and we continue to lead the way with Eco Pals – the industry’s first of its kind plush line to take a holistic approach to sustainability and plastic reduction.


  • One million plastic bottles are bought every minute
  • Two million plastic bags are used every minute
  • 90% of all ocean trash is plastic
  • 80% of all plastic in the ocean came from the land
  • 40% of plastic produced is only used for packaging (used only once and then discarded)
  • 18 billion pounds of plastic waste flows into the oceans every year

Eco Pals has transformed the plush industry, leading in plastic reduction and elimination in our lands and waters.

While other plush manufacturers only use recycled fill for their “eco” products, Wildlife Artists has taken a holistic approach to Eco Pals.

  • No plastic eyes and noses
  • No plastic-coated hangtags
  • No plastic taggers
  • No plastic pellets, whiskers, glitter or sequins
  • No shipping in plastic bags