News - 10.30.18 All Plush Toys from Wildlife Artists, Inc. to be Filled with 100% Certified Recycled Material

All Plush Toys from Wildlife Artists, Inc. to be Filled with 100% Certified Recycled Material!



Southbury, CT (October 30, 2018)  Wildlife Artists, Inc. is excited to announce that starting immediately, 100% of their plush will transition to a sustainable fill made from certified 100% recycled PET bottles.  “We are the first major plush company to announce such an initiative,” says Caroline Ward, co-owner and Chief Relationship Officer.  She continues, “As is typical for our industry, other plush companies are following our lead by adding recycled fiber to some of their lines, though not all.  It happened when we introduced the very first hanging monkeys, plush snakes and mermaids too, but this time we’re excited others in the industry are again following suit.  The world will be greener and cleaner as a result, which benefits us all.”

This announcement comes on the heels of the launch of their groundbreaking Eco PalsTM line in July.  Eco Pals is the only plush line to take a holistic approach to the use of plastics, from production to delivery and merchandising, which includes:

  • Certified 100% recycled post-consumer polyester fiber filling
  • Stitched eyes and noses instead of plastic
  • Hangtags without plastic coating and attached with string
  • No more shipping in plastic bags

“Wildlife Artists was founded by our father Gerry’s passion for wildlife; a passion he passed on to Caroline, me and our employees,” says James Ward, President and CEO.  “We’re now applying that passion to more than conserving wildlife, but also protecting their and our habitats.”

Moving to 100% recycled fibers in every plush they produce is just another step in Wildlife Artists’ evolution of eco friendlier plush.  They began taking steps back in 2013 when unnecessary plastic whiskers and beads (also called beans and pellets) were removed from all their plush, well before it became an industry issue.  Beads are too small  to be caught by recycling machines and therefore end up in the oceans and land fills.  So even if the beads are made from recycled material, they harm wildlife and the environment anyway.  “I hope the rest of our industry turns away from this unnecessary, non-recyclable plastic as soon as possible,” added Ms. Ward.

Wildlife Artists Inc.’s plush will always be cute and cuddly for children to want to own and love, but now they are much more of a guilt-free purchase than ever before!


About Wildlife Artists, Inc.:  For over 40 years, Wildlife Artists, Inc., has led the plush industry in creativity with innovative and realistic designs.  Today they continue the tradition by leading the industry in eco-friendly initiatives, while continuing to create realistic plush that bring joy to young and old alike.

Their vision is to inspire an appreciation for nature, adventure and conservation.  Their plush is The Closest Thing to the Real ThingTM due to the importance they place on exceptional quality, design and attention to detail.

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