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Wildlife Artists, Inc. Introduces the First Holistic Plastic Conscious Plush Line!




Southbury, CT (July 24, 2018)  Wildlife Artists, Inc. feels it is time for a sea change in gift shops in zoos, aquariums and other wildlife and nature themed attractions.  To lead that change, they are excited to announce their new Eco PalsTM plush line that is eco conscious in every aspect, from materials and tags to how they ship.

While other plush manufacturers only use recycled fill for their “eco” products, Wildlife Artists has taken a holistic approach to Eco Pals.

  • No plastic eyes and noses
  • No plastic-coated hangtags
  • No plastic taggers
  • No pellets
  • No shipping in plastic bags

Just as important, Eco Pals are super cute and cuddly and come at an amazing price to be retailed for only $9.99.

Eco Pals represent a new edition to the Conservation Collection® line.  All products in that line, in some way, support environmental and conservation efforts, from saving elephants in the Zimbabwe to finding a cure for White Nose Syndrome afflicting bats and now, reducing plastic in our products.

“Wildlife Artists, Inc. was founded by our father Gerry, driven by his passion for wildlife; a passion he passed on to me and the entire company,”  said Caroline Ward, co-owner and Chief Relationship Officer.  She continued, “Unfortunately, passion isn’t enough today.  Action needs to be taken to protect wildlife and our natural resources.  We’re now taking a leadership position in the plush industry in being a catalyst for positive, sustainable change.  We hope everyone will join us!”

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About Wildlife Artists, Inc.:  For over 40 years, Wildlife Artists, Inc., has led the plush industry in creativity with innovative and realistic designs.  We were the first to create plush hanging monkeys, snakes, and mermaids.  Today we continue the tradition with eco-friendly initiatives, while continuing to create realistic plush that bring joy to young and old alike.

Our vision is to inspire an appreciation for nature, adventure and conservation.  Our plush is The Closest Thing to the Real ThingTM due to the importance we place on exceptional quality, design and attention to detail.


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Don Winter
Vice President of Marketing