Inner Bags are Out!

With our new process of packing our plush WITHOUT inner bags, we’ll be eliminating one more element of plastic from our production processes. Our solution is “stringing” our plush together using a natural cord to keep the pieces orderly inside the carton. You simply cut the cord and pull it out to separate the plush. We have successfully tested our new process for humidity damage by including humidity strips in all shipping boxes to ensure that our plush arrives in pristine condition. The results passed our quality control measures, ensuring that our plush product will arrive at its destination in the same condition it left our factories. For all orders from our factories moving forward, all of our shipments will be inner plastic bag-free.

Why We Do Not Use Biodegradable Plastic

Biodegradable plastics cannot biodegrade if they are buried in the landfill or left in the sea. 
Plastics labelled biodegradable, like shopping bags, will only break down in temperatures of 122℉. Secondly, they are not buoyant, so they are going to sink. Therefore, they will not be exposed to UV rays and break down. Our new packing and shipping process is the only solution to eliminate these single use plastics, and one that we hope others follow. The number of plastic bags in landfills and floating in our oceans continues to dramatically escalate, so we all need to do our part to eliminate plastic bags — for the sake of our wildlife and environment.
For more information or questions, please contact your Wildlife Artists, Inc. representative.