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Wildlife Artists, Inc.

Wildlife Artists understands that customers have different needs. You might not be able to sell manatees in the Rockies, but you certainly would have a demand for a yellow-bellied marmot - and Florida tourists would love to take home that manatee. We do our research, and a big part of that is listening to what you are looking for. You know what your customers want and what would sell well in your region. Let us know! We make it happen with our plush pieces that are always hand-designed by our artists with the most attention to detail, and with realism that your customers will admire and appreciate. Patterns that pop, super-soft materials that are temptingly touchable, and innovative designs that bring something different and fun to the marketplace.

We think you will be pleasantly surprised to see the items we have in our product line that you can’t find anywhere else. Did you know that the whale shark is the largest fish in the sea and is around the size of a school bus? Well now you can find one in our collection, with a highly-detailed realistic pattern that is definitely unique. We’ve added many impressive items to our catalog, and have kept the best-selling items. Fur, fins, scales and tails from every corner of the earth get us excited and we think you will be too. And if there is something you dream up and want it personalized just for you - we can do that too - talk to us about our custom program.

Whether you hail from east, west, north or south, browse through our website, and find not just something for everyone, but something for you and your customers. And you just might spot a hedgehoglet while you are at it!